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About Us

Hi! We're Jonny & Natalie! Welcome to Feature Properties!

As you can probably tell, we're country folk, born in the country, brought up in the country and certainly want to live our lives out in the country. 

However, we work hard, very hard and this is where the idea for Feature Properties was born.

We believe in taking time out to relax and rejuvinate. It's easy to burn out and it's important to protect and recharge your mind & body.

Feature properties combines Jonny's health experience and Natalie's interior flair. Offering customers a relaxing, unique, personal experience in gorgeous properties in the Yorkshire countryside. 

We have a range of different sized properties, you will find they're all designed to a luxurious standard as well as having a health & wellness theme running throughout.

Upon arrival you will recieve a local hamper, a warm welcome & an extensive information pack on the property and area you are staying. 


Another benefit of our stays is our network of experienced health & wellness professionals such as Yoga instructors, PT's, Mindfulness coaches and many more that you can have access to when you book in advance.


Please do get in touch with us if you're a company looking for a special corporate wellness stay for your valued employees. 


We can't wait to meet you, speak soon!

Natalie & Jonny 


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